How to Play a Forehand Push in Table Tennis

Serving rules for table tennis

Rules / June 17, 2020

To execute a forehand short backspin serve (figure 5.6), take a position completely off to the left side of the table, so that your left hand is located at the left sideline (right-handed player). Your left foot should be in front of your right, and your upper body should be parallel to the left side line of the table. The racket hand and the free hand, which is holding the ball, are close together at the start of the serve.

From an open palm, toss the ball at least 6 inches (15 cm) high and, at the same time, rotate your upper body to the right, bringing your racket back into the ready position. The racket blade is open and the wrist is laid back. As the ball begins to descend, rotate your body back to the left and bring the racket to the ball. Contact the ball at the bottom of the ball’s face with an open racket. The racket travels under the ball and up at the end. The follow-through is very short to help disguise the type and amount of spin on the serve.

The first bounce on your side of the table should be close to the net. The bounce on the opponent’s side of the table also should be short. If done properly, this serve will bounce several times on the table or even back up toward the net. After serving, quickly get into the ready position to take advantage of any loose return.

Beginning Position

1. Stand outside left side line with left foot slightly in front

2. Upper body parallel to left side line

3. Serve grip, hands close together

1. Throw ball up

2. Rotate upper body to right

3. Racket open in backswing position

4. Transfer weight to back foot

1. Transfer weight to front foot

2. Rotate upper body to left, bringing racket to ball

3. Low contact point on ball

4. Low position of ball to table

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