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Size Of Tennis Table / July 11, 2017

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Choosing a Paddle Type
  1. Figure out what grip you want to use. Think about the way you play and how different types of paddles might influence your performance. Decide which of the traditional grips is more comfortable for you. The most common grip in the West is the “shakehand” grip, which takes its name from the similarities in the way of holding your play hand to shaking hands with someone you just met.Image titled Choose a Ping Pong Paddle Step 2 Other players might feel more in control when utilizing a “penhold” grip, in which the handle is gripped between the thumb and forefinger like a pen with the paddle held downwards.
    • Try serving and returning the ball a few times with each grip before deciding which is better suited for your game.
    • A shake hands grip will allow you to make returns with more force, as well as put spin on the ball, while playing with a penhold grip puts the arm in a more natural position to use quick, brushing strokes.
  2. Start with a basic plastic or wood paddle. Pick up the cheapest paddle you can find when you’re first learning how to play. These basic paddles are usually made from one piece of molded plastic or a few thin layers of wood and offer no frills in terms of function or aesthetics. They can be very helpful when you’re just starting out, though, and you won’t have to break the bank buying a more expensive paddle that you aren’t enough good enough to take advantage of.
    • A cheap, plain paddle can actually teach you to be more precise, as you’ll be forced to make sure you’re hitting the ball directly each and every time you serve and return.
  3. Buy a ready-made commercial paddle. Take a stroll through the tabletop games section of any sporting goods store to find a garden variety packaged ping pong paddle. These paddles are typically made taking a cookie cutter approach, with the same dimensions, materials and unsophisticated rubberized surface layer. For most recreational players, a basic store-bought paddle will be all they’ll ever need.
    • Ping pong is more about technique than it is about equipment. A good player can dominate with a store-bought paddle.
    • Commercial paddles can be purchased cheap and are sometimes sold in pairs or packaged with ping pong balls included.
  4. Try out a competition paddle.Image titled Choose a Ping Pong Paddle Step 4 If you find yourself going through commercial paddles too quickly or you’re just looking for something a little more heavy duty, pick up a competition grade paddle. The official table tennis rulebook specifies that competition paddles be mad up of at least 85% natural wood, so they’ll have a bit of heft to them. Competition paddles are also put together using higher quality rubbers and adhesives, meaning they’ll last longer and hold up better to intense play.
    • Professional paddles can usually be bought in the same places that sell basic commercial paddles, or you can order them online.
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