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Rules / June 20, 2017

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Table Tennis - Basic Techniques

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Getting Started

In order to start playing the real sport of table tennis, one requires the proper equipment and techniques. Although experimentation forms a large portion of one's advancement later on, in the beginning most everyone needs to learn the basics. Remember, even a wanderer had to find out how to walk one time or another.


If you are just starting out, take stock of your equipment(if any):

  • Does the equipment meet legal requirements(in table tennis)?
  • Is the equipment in a good enough condition as to not hamper performance(very important when starting out)?

The paddle can be of any size and weight, from a lollipop to a pizza ladle. It must have one side of red and one side of black.

The table must be 9 feet long by 5 feet wide, and the surface must be 30 inches from the floor. A white line divides the table lengthwise, and white lines form the border of the top surface. The net used must be 6 inches high, spanning the entire table at the middle. Although not required for most uses(as some nets are 5 feet long), regulations stipulate for a net to be legal, it must stretch out 6 inches beyond the table on both sides.

The ball can either be orange or white, depending on light conditions and/or personal preferences. Try to buy the best quality balls possible, even for practice. This will pay off in the long run. Three-star balls denote top quality...but even there, quality differs between manufacturers. Cost is a good barometer of quality here, about 1$US each for a respectable ball. They usually get cheaper in bulk. Good balls last longer and play more consistently for better practice results.

Try to wear nonreflective clothing, choosing relatively dark solid colors whenever possible. Wear shoes that allow quick movements of the feet and easy ankle control. Avoid running shoes or any shoes designed mainly for forward movements.