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Ping pong rules PDF

Rules / May 24, 2017

Robotics Challenge LogoWelcome to the official website of the 2016 Sonoma County Robotics Challenge!

2016 Sonoma County Robotics Challenge
To enter team and student information please click here. Registration forms are due on or before Sunday, April 24 at 5:00 PM

Events & Official Rules

Ping Pong Ball Handoff | Ping Pong Ball Handoff Rules (pdf)
The Ping Pong Ball Handoff is a collaborative challenge. It involves teams creating robots that will receive a ping pong ball from the left and pass it to another robot on the right. What makes this challenge creative and interesting is what happens in-between your inbox and the next inbox. Here's a YouTube video showing a "Great Ball Contraption." It inspired the planning team to add this event to the 2016 challenge!

Capture the Flag | Capture the Flag Rules (pdf)
The objective of this event is to compete against another robot to locate and capture a flag within a one-minute time period.

Drag Racing | Drag Racing Rules (pdf)
The objective of this contest is to race your robot on a track that is 16 feet long and beat your opponent to the finish line. This years drag racing competition is open to grade 4-5 students only.

Free Form | Free Form Rules (pdf)
This years Free Form event challenges teams to explore the theme of Creating Order Out of Chaos with bonus points added for creating a routine or story on this theme. Entries will be judged on the robots ability to follow action scripts, difficulty of tasks, and adherence to the theme. Participants may choose to enter the Beginning or Advanced competition categories in this event.

Off Road Racing | Off Road Racing Rules (pdf)
Off Road Racing involves a 16-foot long course with blocks of wood placed at different intervals. The object of this event is to overcome the barriers, stay on track, and finish with the best time.

Sumo | Sumo Novice Rules (pdf) | Sumo Expert Rules (pdf)
Robot sumo wrestling engages two robot contestants in trying to push each other out of a circular ring. The first robot to touch the floor outside of the ring loses. The last robot remaining in the ring wins. This year's event features novice and expert competition categories.

Mini Golf | Mini Golf Rules (pdf)
This challenge involves designing a robot to hit a golf ball into a hole with as few strokes as possible.

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