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Rules / November 13, 2017


Open Singles U 2000 Rating Singles U 1500 Rating Singles Women's Singles Boys & Girls U18 Singles Boys & Girls U15 Singles Boys & Girls U13 Singles Seniors 30+ Singles Seniors 60+ Singles Team Event (includes singles & doubles)


Register by Sunday June 25 to have your name listed in the official California State Games program


Online Fees

1st event - $25 per person Addtl event - $10 per event Team - $10 per person

Mail In Fees

1st event - $30 per person Addtl event - $12 per event Team - $12 per person


Open to California residents. Age and skill requirements are established by the governing body.

USATT official rules apply. USATT rating not affected. We reserve the right to limit total entries, and combine or cancel events with insufficient or maximum entries. Round Robin and/or Single Elimination format, best 3 out of 5 games to 11 points. Semi-finals and Championships will be 4 out of 7 games.


Teams consist of three (3) players. Each match consists of up to five games, with the first team to win 3 being declared the winner. The first two games in each match are singles, the third is doubles, and the final two are singles if needed. Each team member competes in two of the five games. The combined rating for the 3 players must be U 6000.


Gold, Silver, & Bronze medals awarded in each event. Team Championship Banner awarded to 1st Place Team.